G&C - 6.11.14

The effect of the actions In Covent Garden made us realize that we need to go one step further. We came up with the idea to give the same task to people from the artistic community. We were curious about the effect. People from CSM who participated in our project were pretty serious about it. However, the original design assumptions have been changed. There was no more clear division into black and white as so far, but the paper had larger format and in various colors. Subjects of the answers were very interesting. The students presented far more serious and private experiences. For them, we were just the same strangers as for people met on streets, but we were the members of the same community. In this I see the greatest privacy of their replies. As for the form, which was a bit of surprise to me, in general there was no difference. Statistically the number of literal and abstract answers was the same. Whereas obviously possibility of using colors directed participants to more natural answers. Especially girls surrendered to the magic of color and their thoughts were very poetic.

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