The Brunswick Centre :

The Brunswick Centre is a grade II listed residential and shopping centre in Russel Square in London, England.

The Brunswick centre has had a long established history within Bloomsbury, with construction in the 1960s as a vision of renowned architect Patrick Hodgkinson.


Patrick Hodgkinson's brief was to create an ideograph of city-centreness. He formed this design to make housing a central component of the city.


The project is designed to house 1286 people, with a ratio of 2:1 for the commercial sections of shops, offices, cinema, pubs, restaurants and garages.


It underwent further development in the late 1980s to create an important example of an urban mixed use development providing convenient residential units combined with an oasis of spacious shopping and a hotspot for dining, all within easy reach of central London. Today visitors of The Brunswick are spoilt for choice. Set in one of London's most historic and culturally exciting villages the Brunswick is not only great for shopping and dining, but is also the renaissance of one of London's most well known listed buildings. 

Even if this building is considerate to be part of the brutalist architecture movement, Hodgkinson has said : "I didn't hold with new brutalism, myself. I just prayed for the day we would be able to paint it."


This is almost the only work that Hodgkinson has done.

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