G&C -interact 4.11.14


Today we started to realizm our task. We chose two locations: Buckingham Palace, because there is a lot of tourists, people from many countries and different backgrounds, and Covent Garden as it is a place with a lot of street artists. In the very beginning we made an attempt to interact with people without any props. We wanted to analyze all emotions through facial expressions during speaking. However it proved to be very difficult, because regardless of the nature of a memory – good or bad, photographs looked very alike. Finally we decided to use our yesterday’s interpretation of good and bad memories and to give white and black paper to people which we interviewed. We asked them to make connection of their most memorable experiences with paper which we gave them. To our surprise many of them had problem with the understanding of our request. Maybe they felt that we interfere too far into their privacy, or maybe people are more concerned with life “now and here”, especially being on the trip to London and they do not want to be suddenly put in the context of deep reflection on themselves. The answers were very often quite literal, like “heart” symbolizing the first love, or “plane” symbolizing vacation. Most of the time “bad memories” had more artistic interpretations, like crushing or tearing paper into pieces, which added dynamics, expression and some symbolism to the experiment. It confirms the principle that bad or unpleasant things are in a way more intriguing.  



I am not really sure what did we expect to achieve. We, who are studying how to convert ideas into image managed to generate only two abstract forms. And we already have some training. In my opinion people should be given more freedom of choice, wider range of materials to choose from to express their emotions.



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