G&C -interact - 3.11.14


This project was to be realized in pairs. At the very beginning we were given a quotation as the theme of the project: I want to read only what will Help me unpack my own bag. I immediately associated it with experiences that built up our personality, our backpack which we carry through all life. A suitcase contains what we need to take – not what we want. We try to use the whole space of our luggage but also to understand the way in which it should be  constructed.

We should always ask ourselves how our experience relates to experiences of other people. This was supposed to be our base. We decided on the project in which randomly met on a street people will participate. We will ask them to describe in few words their most important memories. How they cope with the most difficult problems – let them illustrate it.

Today we also had to make photo – interpretation of our idea. We decided that experiences which build us up often either burden a man or protect him from falling.

For me, the theme is a mental shortcut. “I want to learn how to live” – that is my interpretation.

And I do not mean reading guides like “How to live to be happy”, but rather how to live and keep your integrity. It makes a big difference

We have no problems dealing with happiness. They start when we have to cope with burdens, our life-luggage; something which we have to take with us for a journey, not what we want. In the theme the stress is on experiences which burden us. Our photo interpretations reflect kind of negative and positive experience in the form of a big mental shortcut. One slim, supporting, light, exhilarating, with potentials for future. Another dark, oppressive and nasty.

We plan to subject random passersby to the same experience.

They will be handed out the same attributes: black and white paper. We are curious how they will use it to solve our task. They certainly are not used to illustrate their experiences through material objects.


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