Xavier Dolan Mommy




For a long time I have been a faithful fan of Xavier Dolan Mooomy work. In all his films the director continuous a specific dialogue with his mother; starting from “I Killed My Mother” in which he points our all her educational errors, until now in which he gives her his hand in reconciliation. One of the features which I really appreciate is making films about subjects which are close to him and thoroughly explored. In some way each film reflects his life experiences, and he spins a tales based on them and reflections which they generate.    It is like vivisection. In this I see the power of the film, the pressure which for two hours literally stabs us in the armchair. 

Dolan subjects us to the extremely emotional experience. We are stretched between hope and despair; up and down and again up, then down. There is no time for reflection, we are forced to switch off the intellect. The speed of the film, the power of images do not allow for reflections. They come later. In key scenes there are a lot of tight frames, extreme close-ups on the actor’s face to generate even more emotions. You can feel that the beauty of framing does not come from the aesthetic need but appropriate use of means for expression. Dolan knows what he talks about and he knows how to say it. He has something which is called credibility.   


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