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Rosler’s work displays how the Vietnam War was affecting American homes. It was the first war in American history to be displayed on television screens bringing the war to America’s living rooms. In this Image Bringing the War Home.  Rosler splits the images of Vietnamese citizens being affected by the war with the image of an American housewife and her vacuum. This image displays how Americans were just carrying on with their lives and how the actions of the American government were affecting innocent lives in Southeast Asia. This image was used to bring awareness to the tranquil American homes to show how unnecessary this war was. By urging viewers to reconsider the "here" and "there" of the world picture, these activist photomontages reveal the extent to which a collective experience of war is shaped by media images. Vacation Gateway is another example of this same idea. It’s intriguing to me how these images bring two different perspectives together but works together so well that they communicate a clear message. 

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