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Notes on Seductive Subversion


  •       The West was united as a patriotic patriarchy: Male quest and male heroism in a militarized society had saved the day, allowing a democratic reconstitution of the West as a space friendly to the private peace of the gender-bipolar nuclear family, as against the earlier possibility of a society split by class war.  
  •       Martha Rosler’s now-famous photomontages from the late 1960’s and &70’s have an intriguing connection to Pop Art.
  •       Rosler attacked sexualized references in advertising and enforced domestic labor. Women in with the Vacuum shows the eponymous woman in narrow hallway filled with Duchamp and Robert Indiana posters.
  •       Rosler states “Publication was not my primary aim. I resolutely refused to sign or date the works themselves, and it never occurred to me to take note of where or when they were seen. They were agitation flyers, of which so many were handed out throughout the history of demonstrating.” 

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