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I n d e p e n d e n t   s t u d y  w e e k  ( p a r t I )

During this independent study week my desire is to reflect on whet I want to specialize in. It has been clear to me in the past but recently, my perception toward Fashion has evolved. My experience of it with the different internships I did (clic here to see my RESUME) has reenforced my desire to pursue in that field. Yet I have a passion for Fine Art and most of my work (click here to see my previous WORK) so far has been oriented towards that way of thinking. I like to question, to speak throughout colors,shapes, textures, compositions, lines... Those meaningful elements that one has to try throughout an intellectual process to decipher. The quest of developping a personal plastic language is the one I pursued until now. Yet for a very long time I wanted to apply this process to Fashion and to make the human body the main protagonist of my reflexion. This is why this week I have the intention of creating a series of prototypes.

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