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"The process within the Eco-plastic & recycling facility is as follows:

Waste plastic is delivered in large bales of approximately one metre by a half metre, and may or may not be separated into the seven different plastic materials, as outlined here.

The bales are opened and the material is classified according to the seven types, and sent to the grinding process. This Grinding breaks all the delivered material into small pieces and allows the cleaning and washing process to begin.

Contaminants, such as farm organic waste, labels, and residual product from containers, and other items, such as wood, paper, and metal are separated from the grind for disposal. 

The material is repeatedly washed until all contaminants are removed, and it is then dried to the correct moisture content for heating and extruding into pellets (Regranulate)

The Regranulate is packed into one tonne bags, and is sealed for transport by road and then overseas to UK and Europe/Scandinavia. This will be shipped by container load as the volume and capability of the plant comes progressively on-line.

It is important to note that the complete cleaning and washing process is chemical free, and causes no harm to the environment.

The output of this process is plastic pellets, or Regranulate. This Regranulate is produced to a specific size and standard of moisture and contamination, or purity, and is sold accordingly.

Both scrap (Clean Grind, prior to Extrusion into pellets.) and re-granulate are commonly used to produce plastic products, especially for car interior parts, but also in the electronic industry (eg. Hewlett Packard (H.P) produces all casings for its printers only from recycled materials).

A Growing use for Recycled plastic is plastic timber, and the boards can be used almost as natural timber, without the accompanying rotting, splitting and deterioration normally associated with wood products.

The Re-granulate can be used along with Virgin material for a variety of plastic products, according to purity, and will be exported to the UK and Europe to plastic manufacturing companies."

For more information please check our website at www.eco-par.ie

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