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3 D D A ( p a r t I I )

Today was a great experience.
Before today I never considered the idea of being a product designer but after this experience I think that I would be interested to try to go further with this areas.

I loved the analyzing the behavior, benign constrained by utility, trying to find different purport to an object, finding a concept, giving it an original aesthetic.
The slide show was fascinating, it's incredible to see what a commun object, a chair, can inspire an be a playful object, a beautiful object, a serious object...
I really liked the idea of exploring the different materials, a student from CSM created a boiled leather chair, that idea was very interesting and the utilisation of the material very original.


Then we had to create ourselves from the Robin Day chair a new customized chaire. 
I decided to create a chaire that would be convertible. 
Thanks to different foldable boards you could make the chair be a single chaire, a lounge chaire, and if you put it on it's side it could become a three person capacity bench.

Today has been a great experience, a great discovery.

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