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F a s h i o n  a n d  t e x t i l e  ( p a r t  I I I )


Today was all about process.
It started with sketches and it ended with garments made out of pattern paper.
The first thing we had to do was to go out in the streets and find some buildings and architectural shapes that interested us
I tried to walk fare away from the School, I found some very nice and very modern building with very geometrical shapes. I tried to retranscribe the texture with different the mediums I used charcoal for the bricks to give this scrubby surface, marker and white pencil to give a slippery filling to a drawing of a modern glass building...

Then we had to look at our drawings and make a selection of shapes that interested us.
Again it was like an abstraction that would leave space to our imagination and enable us to create.

Then we had to chose two shapes and cut them in big on pattern paper (a paper quite flexible).
Then within a short amount of time we had to explore the different ways we could adapte theses shapes on the body.
This was a great exercises. I required instinct and to consider the body and to create directly on in without any intermedairy(like drawing).
The drawing came after, we had to put together all of our shapes on to one body and draw it in different ways from different angles... as it was a very complexe arrangement

Today was a thrilling experience we got to work on the body for the first time and it was a very playful and fascinating exercise, because it started with an abstract shape that came out of a drawing and it ended in a 3D garment.
It was like creating a brig between those two worlds (3D and 2D), imagination and reality.
It anchored in reality the ideas that we had.
And that was a beautiful experience.

© Camille Clara Yunn Liu, all rights reserved