G&C - Typography Day 2-Title: Shadow-14.10.14

Seemingly such simple thing as the letters, which we use on daily basis, we tried to turn into something extraordinary, personal. Each of us tried to give them something individual. To no longer be seen only as a way of communication, but rather as the object of design. The problem was haw we can intervene in the letter so it ceased to be simple but did not loose its meaning as a means of communication (what it symbolizes). Inspired a bit by architecture, I tried to give them the most spatial and monumental expression. This gave the opportunity to operate with a shadow what was extremely important for the title and the meaning of work. In the end such word I tried to illustrate.

My intention proved to be too complicated and it was quite difficult to decipher the meaning of the word in the project.  The purpose was to construct the letter in such a way that with the shadow it would built its specific meaning. Therefore the word “shadow” I interpreted visually – it presented its meaning by the cast shadow. It made the final reading of the work much simplified.

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