G&C -Fashion Communication Day 1 13.10.14

Today we again measured up with something new. Except that our final work had to be visually interesting, it had also carry a certain definite message. From two word groups we had to pick up two words which will be illustrated or shown. We chose Social and  Matter. Initially we wanted to interpret them using today’s technology – social portals, phone or computer applications like snpachat or instagram. However, we concluded that today’s society is not only just relations between people but everything that surrounds us; what we need to survive, what we depend on, all our goals. We interpreted this word as all materials which enable or help us to move forward and develop, or on the contrary, that will hinder it, like cigarettes or alcohol. We are so caught up in the matter that it often replaces interpersonal relations, so we dared to put a sign of equality between society and matter, even if it is gross overstatement.

Our work shows a man who does not use things which surrounds him, but a man who totally dependent and entangled in them. All this burdens him and hinders every move, until the moment he is completely overwhelmed by them. The impotence to break away from society, lack of individualism are the main features of our hero who attempts to change his situation. Finally there was no drama in the movements, which on the one hand would show more of his suffering, but on the other could undermine the clean message of a man who is trapped. Summing up, I really enjoyed the form of art as a significant reflection of the information status(?). As from the final work of each group, the massage from our seems to me also clear and obvious. Of course not everyone has to agree with it. This is the reflection arising from the discussion in our group. Besides I like spaciousness of our idea and diversity of matters: structure of walls, strings, and biology in the form of a human. Everything is visually attractive. Of course the actor could be better!!! I enjoy creating situations where placing a man in a certain context gives him a specific meaning, builds a clear message. 


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