3DDA WEAR IT 9.10.14

Today I measured up with something completely new and unknown – jewelry. I have never paid much attention to such things as necklaces, bracelets, earrings. Except maybe two holes in my ear made at night in one of Warsaw’s parks. But I would not call it the art of decorating my body. I was rather contesting  something. I even do not remember what and why. Maybe it was just a whim? My idea how jewelry design class may look like was totally wrong. I was expecting a threading pieces of amber on a thong. And here is a surprise. A man in the context of scaled up bracelets and necklaces. Earrings created from Chinese dumplings, which at the slightest movement of the model break down. Everything, only not what I imagined. My first impression was quite positive. No restrictions. As it turns out the claim “anything as long as it is not boring” became the biggest restriction. After doing a couple of sketches in which you could come up with what you want, the processing of drawing into the special form began. For me jewelry has always been a form which complimented a costume. Such as placing a dot at the end of a sentence. It should attract attention. I decided to impose some limitations on myself. What deters also attracts our attention. Moreover, what deters attracts our attention more then what is pleasing to the eye from the aesthetic point of view or what should compliment a costume. And here the problem began. Haw to invent jewelry without a costume or a context. It can only be turned out into a hero, a costume! My jewelry is provocative, offensive.

It says: “I am not a compliment, not a dot at the end of a sentence. Here, I am the most important”

© Krystian Jarnuszkiewicz, all rights reserved