3DDA USE IT 7.10.14

Today we focused on the process of creating objects which are being done for a human. Besides that the project has to fulfill client’s requirements, it is additionally restrained by the word “functional”. On the one side it instantly limits creative possibilities, but on the other it forces us to be even more creative. ”Functional” became key word,  something all your ideas are constantly referred to. At least such was my first impression when we were shown the presentation about various iconic chairs. Even the most twisted and bizarre object, still remains a chair. In the end a human is not a part of the final result – as it is in fashion when we show completely non functional creation on a man, a man is ”the final result”. Because when a chair becomes nonfunctional, the whole artistic process of creating it makes no sense. Unless we assume that a chair in not for sitting but for looking at. It was the first individual project, not a group one. Everybody had to invent several ways of remaking the chair he or she was sitting on (all chairs were alike). Inventing new ideas I was all the time looking and coming back to the my starting point. They were from the very beginning targeted and closed. It had to be definitely the chair I was sitting on. I had a very good scale for comparison. A day before the leading theme was architecture totally subjected to a human, but presented in far more abstract way. Only I the end there was adaptation of our blocks as something “for a man”.
In my opinion the most difficult thing in industrial design is the adjusting the idea to functionality – I had a problem with it. The final result satisfied me from the philosophical point of view. A mustache in a way symbolize standpoint of my observation, the process of looking at the surrounding. They certainly should be longer then octopus tentacles investigating reality. Ribbons should result more from the seat and the  backrest and not be merely some fragmentary element glued the chair. My chair did not loose its function – it is still a comfortable seat but its processing symbolizes the idea of a chair as an object from which you see only what is within your sight.

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