3DDA BUILD IT 6.10.14

Our task was to build two geometric blocks  and then combine them in one coherent whole. Pity that the blocks were from the same material. In my opinion my group was a little too large. It was really difficult to organize work in such a way that everybody took constantly part in the project. But we came up with the brilliant idea and as the only group did not place the block on the floor but hang it on the wall. The block was large in size, so when hanging on the wall it looked phenomenal and effectively. Positioning it on the wall made it more spacious and it became more monumental.
The most  interesting part of today’s task was adaptation of the block. Everybody in his or her sketchbook was supposed to find functional purpose for the block.  It did not necessarily have to be a building. I decided to turn it into a costume. I  think that large geometric forms combined with proportionately small man give a lot of expression. A man inside it seems to be crashed and overwhelmed. My costume became actually anti-costume – the form which not attractive, which restrains you and pushes you to the ground.
The only correction which I would introduce into our project, would be increase of its dynamics. The winner was contrast between filling fields with white plains and stripes. So the form ceased to be static.

© Krystian Jarnuszkiewicz, all rights reserved