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F a s h i o n  ( p a r t  I I )

Today started with drawing from models. 
We had to dress up the models ourselves with the pieces of clothing we thought interesting to draw (because they had an interesting print or color, an interesting texture, shape...).
We experimented different drawing techniques such as continuous line, blind drawing, switching mediums very minute, collage...
We had to use our experience from the previous day to create prints and cut them out and collage them on to our illustrations.

The whole process required one again a lot of spontaneity because it was a very fast rhythm and our responses were more instinctive then thoroughly thought.
That process resulted into an almost abstract textures or shapes that we had to fill in with figurative clues (face, arms, legs, garments).

I loved this day. It was one of my favorite! 
Trying to create some sort of abstraction to give space to the imagination and to create a garment out of this process was a great experience.

© Camille Clara Yunn Liu, all rights reserved