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F a s h i o n  a n d  t e x t i l e  ( p a r t  I )

Today we started with a very interesting exercise, we had some objects with sculptural shapes like glasses, rings, boxes... 
And we had to link them together with thread.

It was a kind of introduction to fashion, which consistes in joining pieces of fabric together in order to have a beautiful sculptural garment.

It was a team work and our group was given plastic glasses. To be efficient each of us worked on a glass (but we informed each other of our ideas before so that everyone agreed) and we joined them all at the end. We thought that our "sculpture" looked like Brancusi's famous Infinite column.


Brancusi Infinit Column 1938

We thought for aesthetic reasons that we should attach it to the celling.
Our column was then is suspension.
This little exercise was good because like so many others before it was spontaneous
I feel that within this instantaneity, this spontaneousness our work gained a certain abstraction and that this abstraction left a lot of space to our imagination.
That is a creative process that I have enjoyed throughout out all the project we mad so far.

We then had to draw our new object using different techniques.
We used continuous line, blind drawing (my to favorite) and other techniques such as using out two hands, limited time, switching mediums...

Then, when we had build a base, a sort of preparative work we where given acetate paper and asked to create a print out of it that will then be projected on to a wall.
I decided to work with a variety of thread, tape, and paper to give my fabric some texture.
I enjoyed the whole process of the creation. 

© Camille Clara Yunn Liu, all rights reserved