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G r a p h i  c   d e s i g n    ( p a r t   I I I ) 

Today we did prints.
I enjoyed playing with the shapes and textures of the letters.
I loved the idea of taking a letter as a shape without any meaning, only as a sorte of 
architectural, visual object.

We weren't given a full alphabet to create our prints. During the lecture I loved the utilization of the letter E. But there wash't any E avoidable.
I chose to work exclusively with the letter T.
I love the simplicity of this letter, it has an incredibly harmonious shape and it is a shape that you can find in a lot of architectural design and I thought that it could be interesting to explore that.

I enjoyed playing with the possibilities that this letter offered.

But I realized that what I didn't like in Graphic Design is the fact that we work to much for a visual aesthetic and not enough on meaning like we do in Fine Arts.
I don't think that Graphic design would be fulfilling for me.
I wait with impatience the next week: Fashion.

I don't know anymore if I want to do Fashion although I though I did for the last 8 years...
I did 4 internships during the last 5 years and it was a great experience for me I feel that it made me more conscious about this work. 
I have always loved theses experiences. And all of them comforted me in my choice.

Despite of that I'm having a big moment of doubt and I hope that the coming week will help me with my decisions.

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