fashion and Textails-daily shapes

Today we focused on shapes. Each of us had to sketch different shapes around our school. Each sketch had to

be done in different technique. Constant changing of techniques allows to obtain different drawings clarity, not

closing on one kind of line. Then we transformed drowned shapes into three-dimensional forms. It was the base

on which we had to create a costume (it was a work in pairs). We made something quite abstract and crazy. We

did not want our creation to be based on a tranquil, equal forms. Sometimes we improvised and sometimes one

idea fueled the second. The final effect was very difficult to assess. On the one hand we created interesting form;

diverse and abstract (not boring). Shapes ripped from their contexts cited in such density have significant impact

on one another. On the other, however, the whole lacked dynamics. There were moments when looking at our

work it seemed terribly insipid. The problem of items scale was not well played. Small - Big, Empty – Full:

it always reinforces the impression and the form becomes more dynamic. I t could also be played density and

dilution of different attached geometrical forms.

A masking tape has a lot of character. From a purely technical role it changes itself into the means of expression

which sometimes dominates in our creation.

Another option would be to create something more sparing, minimalistic, where more would happen with the

scale and density.

In any case, it was a great exercise to look for so-called clarity. And you can wander on what emotions and

associations are generated by particular shapes. (sketchbook)

© Krystian Jarnuszkiewicz, all rights reserved