29/30.09.14 Fashion and Textails-ilustration


Two first days of meeting with fashion were difficult, full of work, little stressful but extremely exiting. From the very beginning, the form and tasks revealed what the class was based on: everything connected with space and a human who has to relate to it and enter it, at the same time answering questions. All tasks in a group are always a big unknown! You do not know what idea each person will initially present. Everything turns out during joint work, and it is then when you learn about their ideas and  how they perceive the problem. Group work is very inspiring experience. I have to admit that my group make extremely good team and communicate well. Joint work thrives. It is important to be constantly open and not cling to your idea, be able to keep it in the right perspective. Only then you can see its weak and strong sides. This is given by the group. You do not hold to your personal view, and all the time discover something new.

Each task performed in strictly limited time makes your motivation and the way of thinking change. Time pressure makes you think more abstractly, briefly. I experienced it especially on the second day, when we spent a lot of time drawing each other. When I have to make a drawing in three minutes I do not think about each line, but try to concentrate on the most important elements. I try to catch the movement, the character of a figure, its expression. Especially when Iamnot allowed to break theline. I like this technique of drawing. From the very beginning it makes the drawing dynamic and with a character. The most difficult for me was drawing  the space in-between figures, so called negative space. It was very difficult to look at a figure and to draw the space it is not in. It is very good exercise, which shows you haw schematic our perception is. For our subconscious the hero is the human figure, not the space between him and others.  


When I see a figure and even if I have to make a fast scatch  of it, I always have points of reference. But not in this case. You have to squint hard and treat the space between figures abstractly. It is easer to draw a block then a space.

The system of working with limited amount of time is very tiring and stressful, but much more effective. This day was more connected with fashion communication then fashion designing. My impression is that all these tasks were more concerned with fashion as abstract phenomenon, fashion as human in space (?). It aimed at freeing our imagination from schematic thinking about it

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