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G r a p h i c   d e s i g n   ( p a r t  I I  )

Today we were asked to produce an alphabet out of A6 paper. 
I enjoyed making this alphabet.
It seems like a simple thing to do but it is actually very complexe to create every letters because of different elements like the curves, the obliques...
So it was challenging to create harmonious letters.
We needed to create a language, a way to represent them that looked coherent (size, way of cutting, folding...).
We needed to be very resourceful and efficient because everything went very fast as usual.

I found the style of letters I wanted to develop right away. I inspired from Pop Up, creating a 3 D cube and cutting, folding and turning it in different angles to make the letters appear.

The teacher said that she liked how this system used negative spaces, folding and cutting.

We were then asked to find a contexte for theses letters and a word that would express theses letters's ''personality''.
I chose the word ANALOGY because of their very simple and commun chape (a cube).
So they can be assimilated with a lot of objects, it's up to the spectator's mind to decide with witch object he or she associate it with.

I followed my teacher's advice and I photographed this word in a very simple place to balance with the complexity of the letters.

I found a place were there was two holes in a shape of a square.
Holes are negative spaces and I found it very coherent with my letters.
In plus the holes were at the bottom (so at the junction between the wall and the floor) of a wall so it looked a lot like the folding of my letters.

I enjoyed today, I found it very enriching.
Although it was a good experience I don't feel that it was the best day I had since we started. 

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