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G r a p h i c   d e s i g n   ( p a r t  I  )

Today was the first day of graphic design, it started with a group project. We had to come up very quickly with three ideas about a certian number of words and using particular materials. Then we had to confront our ideas and chose one that we would realise within the day.
We chose the words Pycological and Body.

One of the girl of our group had the idea to paint herself woth white paint and to do a performence
were she would paint herself black. That could be a metaphore for a lot of things because already the color white and black have a very well knonw opposed meaning (purety and corruption).
I wasn't sure I liked the idea because I thought it was to simple, not original enought. But it was a one day project and we couldn't loose anytime. In plus this project was quite ambitious because we needed to buy the paint, to create a setting, to make sure everything went well for our performer who was going to aplly paint on here face and body, then we needed to film it, edit it and clean up!

I was the persone who filmed and editing. I realy enjoyed it. This project reveled itself to be very  amusing and the aethetic was very good. I like the final outcome alot and the teachers seemed to liked to because of it simplicity and aesthetic because, as they explained, in graphic design and communication simplicity is an accet.

That was a very interesting day and I'm very happy with the fact that we maneged to finish our project intime.
This realy made me want to work more with videos. It is a medium that I don't know that well for now but it is the second one I have one within those two weeks of diagnistic course and I enjoyed it alot.

I have a friend how is a ballet dancer at the National Accademy and I would like to do a project with her. 

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