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E x h i b i t i o n  R e v i e w  ( p a r t  I I I )


Today I started to write my exhibition review. 
I started with a brainstorm, using all the notes and pictures I too at the muneum.
I came up with words like:
Texte, signs, univeral language, colors, attention, objects, material ideas, immaterials, everyday's life ojects transformed and given a new and different meaning, Marcel Duchamp Realymade Rectifié, indentity, union, multiplicity, plural, crowd, object, manipulation, Hausman, architecture of control, politics, sick, heel, Joseph Beuys, staged...

Then, I made a list of what was expected from us in the review and I tryed to see in what category my ideas could go. Ater that I made a plan. I decided to devide my review in parts:
An introduction, where I tryed to put a contexte (the place where it was exhibited), the athmosphere (to give a quick idea to the reader of the feeling of the exhibiton) and little prase to try to catch the reader's attention.
Then I started with the curration so that the reader can have the setting in his mind right at the begining.
After that I tryed to talk in a pretty general way about the artist's process and intentions (I'm afraid it is a little bit to short but I didn't realy know how to talk about it in a better way because there was so many artistes and they were so different that I didn't know how to make it fit in 5000 words).
Then I wrote about the audience's experience and in this exhibition it is a crutial element.
And I ended with a breif concusion. 

When all thoses parts were writtend I tried to find titles for each block.
Inorder to do that I got inspiration from other magazines but my favefourite one is from far Citizen K.
Since my review was about politicaly active artists I oriented my titles on war vocabulary to illustrate that it was a war.
I realy wanted to put some of these words:
Heroes, Enlist, Power, Counterpower, Fight...
Im plus I thought that it could be something that connoted energy, dynamism and intencity , so that could be a good thing that would encourage the reader to read the review. 

I waned to present my review like if it was from a magazine. I like editing textes a lot so I did it for my own contentment.
Again I loked at magazines to get some inspiration. I decided to go for someting simple as I know that it needed to be visualy efficient and very easy to read.
The last thing I needed was an illustration for this texte, `i decided to use a picture and to trore it in the center inorder that we could see the forloing page page.

I thought that it was coherent with the war vocabulary and the athmosphere of the exhibition, someting that implied movement, gesture, a little bit of violence (cutting and taring connote that).

I will still have to correct the spelling mistakes, and I will to it tomorow. 

© Camille Clara Yunn Liu, all rights reserved