Pdp project 25.09.14


Today we focused on shadow and various forms and shapes of it. We interpreted short songs and then we transformed them into drawings and stories. My group got undoubtedly the most difficult song- very rhythmic, dynamic electro (techno or electronic music). The task was to present the song as ,,theater of shadows”.  We all had very similar associations like; industrial landscape, nightmares, fights, robots. We made up a story, which in my opinion, perfectly reflected the mood and the atmosphere of the song. As it turned out, however, it was a little too complicated. We found it very difficult to make smooth changes in props, background, and individual characters. During the presentation at least two scenes were lost, so we improvised, and in my opinion improvisation as well as errors and some chaos which crept into the show illustrated the song even better than our scheduled (prepared?) presentation. Other groups had  much easier task because their songs were mostly slow, lyrical and moody in climate. A very good potion was used by one group; it introduced a narrator for the presentation.This added extra value to the overall expression and made their story easier to understand. 

However, I m not absolutely sure  if it was necessary to lay some kind of narrative for the storytelling. We were expected to  create a theatre of shadows and additional narrative weakens its basic form of expression.

The same result could be achieved only by abstract form, or a human figure attacked  by shadows of different density and rhythm, down to the total darkness.

We could have presented climate and not a story

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