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L i b r a r y  and e x h i b i t i o n    r e v i e w  
(  p a r t   I I  )

Today I went to CSM's library to research politicaly active art.
Desobedient Object is an exhibition multicultural, there are voices from China, Mexico, Arabie...
So the range of resarch was wide.
I looked at a certain amount of books but the ones that interested me the most were the posters of propaganda during different revolutions but mainly USSR and China.
It is a very interesting meduium of communucation and it's facinating to try and analyze all the messages vehiculated in those posters.
There is a question that I asked myself while doing this reaserch:
Are propaganda posters art?
Because if we think about it, it also ask people questions, it uses colors, shapes, lights, copositions... to send a message, they are quite ethetic...
That made me remember the famous entreprise of Joseph Beuys : Get art out of the museums.
He even made a piece, a happening were he and a student collected all the litter after a protest and he exposed it in a museum.
Je took someting that was just litter and put it in a museum and it became art.
This piece questions marcks, traces, time, object...
But it hightlight the fact that in the exhibition Desobedient Objects the curation plays an important part. Maybe the curration itself is a piece of the exhibition?

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