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Here are the question which were asked to me during the crits. I will try to awsner to them here.
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Representing how we see things? I like the compostion and illustrations are beautiful and detailed

Yes,throught this project I tried to represent how we see things. Because like Lenoar de Vinci said, sight isn't a sens like the others, it is "an oppen window on the world" (Tratto della pintura).
I thought that it could be a beautiful and meaningful offering to the Martians to let them experiment what I beleive to be the most important human sens.
But it isn't only a sens, it's also a belief.
As Descarte explained with his most famous description of a piece of wax, our sens do not tell us anything about the exterior world; they only tell us about us (about our own perseption).
That means that everything we see is a belief, it is a reality that we believe in and it doesn't extsite ouside of our belief. (the movie Matrix is inspiered by this texte of Descartes)
That's why I wanted to give thoses glasses to the Martians, because they aren't human, we aren't sure that they have a consience that works like ours so we could try to show them how we perceive the world. 

Beautiful! Is it suposed to adress the "rose coloured glasses syndrome"?

I never heard this idiom before but now I know it. In a way maybe, this idiom means that someone sees life like if it was pleasent. Maybe belief is a confort. That is what is shown in the famous trilogy Matrix, there are two options: One is to live a plesant life but an ingnorent one a lif that is lived in the beleif of someting that isn't real and the other choise is to abandon this conforting beleif and to face the reality.

So those glasses can be related to "rose coloured glasses syndrom".

The holly picture often come in vibrant colors is there a reason you made them monochromaticaly? 

I made thoses glasses black and white for a reason. Black and white is related to reson as oposed to colorful thing that are accociated with feelings and emotions. Here I wanted to vreate a tention between reason and faith. The fact that the holly picture isn't (as expected) represented in color enhance this tention.

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