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F i n e  a r t s  ( p a r t  I I I ) 

Today we came in the class with our offering to the Martians.
I made glasses which enable Martians to see throught what I think is unique to Humans:
 But when we arrived with our project, we were asked to currate the two rooms we were in and to create a way to dispose and arrange our work.

Inorder to do that we had to talk woth or groupe so that we could arrange the earea tehem by them, si that we made the space a confortable space to navigate in...
That was a realy enjoyable process.
Then the Martians arrived... and everyone was given postits and pens and were asked to critisise everyone's work.
I was realy happy to have this process repetead. 
I was even happier when I came back from my visit to see 14 postits of comments and a few questions.

Here are the comments and questions:

Realy sophisticated. It touches also the question of ideologie.


Representing how we see things? I like the compostion and illustrations are beautiful and detailed

Lovely maden, twist and traditional, stained glass windows

The simplicity and the contrast is realy beautiful

Smart idea

It's interesting to see now our world and views on religion, ect get filter by today's modern world

Beautiful! Is it suposed to adress the "rose coloured glasses syndrome"?

Realy unusual and smart idea

The informal setting works well, althought I think it could go further

Amazing shadowsBeautiful simplicity + Shadows work so nicely

I realy like this piece. I love the contraste between modern thechnonolgy and the projection of stained glass windows, I love the simplicity of the set up

The holly picture often come in vibrant colors is there a reason you made them monochromaticaly? 

I had awsered to the questions on my information file  HERE  ,
and the fact that people seem to have understood many of the aspect of my piece and that they liked it made me want to go further with that project. 

I think that I will do more of them as a collection, a serie.

© Camille Clara Yunn Liu, all rights reserved