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I d e a   F a c t o r y  (  p a r t  I I  )

Today we had to bring a model, picture or sketch of the idea we came up with Tusday. 
This representation needed to be clear and visualy eloquent so that others could understand our ideas.
I realised a model.
Then we were all given postits and asked to comment on the other's work in a constructive way to help them to improve (critics, questions, good points, bad points...).
I realy enjoyed this moment, it was realy nice to see genuine seriousness that people put in those comments.
This process based on having a wide and exterior to our work audience who helps us improve with theire genuine thoughts is a real pleasure to experiment.
It's bassed on mutual help.
I hope that this way of improving our work will occure later in the course too because I truly believe that it can lead to a great improvemenent of our work.

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