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I d e a   F  a c t o r y    ( p a r t  I )

Today we started with a chalenging exercise: we had to come up with 30 ideas within 30 mintues.
We had to bear in mind our material (light), our process (cutting) and our performer (Es Devlin).

After the library reasech task I had an idea of how I wanted to use these three elements. Light was interesting to be used as what it inevertably implies: Shadows. Shadows were the cutting of light so the process was there and it had to be with a performence, something with a stage to be in accordence with Es Devlin.

Within 30 minutes I managed to come up with 15 ideas. I did little quick sketches and a few words for each idea, maybe I should of taken only  one of those two way of communication to lay down my ideas on paper inorder to gain time.

Then we had to select what we thought were our 3 best ideas and represent them on our skechbooks so that it would be as clear and understandable as we could make it.

After that we had to do a little expose of our three ideas to our group and they decided which one was the most interesting and it would be the one that we would developpe for Thursday.


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