Pdp project 23.09.14


When you look at your Project from perspective – there comes a reflection – what could have been done better?

I think that the idea of paper accordion is good. Accordion itself contains movement; compressed can be spread and vice versa.

Cut out triangles made accordion dynamic, which could be intensified by the scale of triangles. If, for example, on the first fold there was a lot of small triangles, then their size would increase and their number would get smaller, until one big cut out on the last fold. The whole system would be more dynamic. I could also use the depth of cut: from a triangle shallow and wide, to narrow at the base but high. 

It was the first reflection I had after today’s task.

And the second;

Why our folded paper had all the way the same width? It could also get narrow or expand in the downward direction!

Using these two possibilities would give more power to our idea! What a pity! The task: - (conclusion)

Good lesson for the future!

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