The tate commission exhibition this year is named Dock, a series of installations created by Phyllida Barlow. The exhibition consists of Barlows sculptures and installations created from easily accessible and waste materiadls such as cardboard, binliners, plywood, polystyrene and canvas material. The installations are held up by large timber structures and cable ties, the whole scene is large and chaotic as the materials are above the heads of the audience or hanging down to our level. The whole gallery is filled by the structures and all the lighting is natural sunlight through high ceiling windows; the large open space and natural light filled with structures creates the idea of being outside in a natural area. The changes in light on the installations created shadows around the room and gave some of the structures a more gothic view as the light occasionally faded. 

Walking around the installations made me feel small and in the presence of something important, the hanging structures made me feel slightly uncomfortable as they looked heavy and created the idea of them floating above my head, this made me walk quite quickly underneath some structures due to the fear of them collapsing. I think the main theme of this exhibit is the use of unwanted recycled materials and how they can be used to create something great and visually exciting through the use of overlapping and placement.

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