Performing and design practice - atmosphere transformation, interpretation, and abstraction 

we were creating sculptures from objects found in the room. The starting topic for my group was Cold and Anxiety.  

Our project was supposed to be abstract representation of these two feelings.

The creative process was partially based on randomly found objects and partially on 

Intuitive movements of each person. We were surprisingly unanimous as to the form, colors and dynamic of our sculpture. Later, each of us had the task to make a small mock-up. It was a real test of my manual skills.

It is far easer and comfortable to work in a small scale then in a big one.

One has a better point of observation and it is easer to eliminate unnecessary actions.

By watching other students mock-ups, it was much easer for me to see key concepts. It was also easer to interpret small form than a big one in which often completely different things catch your attention. The bigger the form, the more unnecessary factors creep in and hinder your reception. Some works just tempted to be closed in a defined space to see the final resuly.


. A small mock-up has the advantage of easy separation from surrounding,  in other words – getting rid of unnecessary extra contexts, or eliminating “noise”.


 The keyword “cold” is in a sense neutral – does not refer to any emotions unless we create a context. It can have negative connotation (in a physical sense – I went for a walk, did not take a warm jacket ,so I was cold; or emotional – cold touch of somebody who is close to me). But it can have positive meaning –  as in cold in shadow of a tree when the temperature around goes over 30 C.

However the second part of the sentence points to the primary negative association:

cold – anxiety!


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