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F i n e  a r  t s (  P a  r t   II)


Today's subect was Behaviour.

Again we tried to understand what diffines us as humans and differenciates us form animals or machines.
We were introduced to thoses question throught some art pieces.
Maurizio Cattelan is the author of the piece Bidibidobidiboo (1996). In this sculpture, we can see something that could insite the spectator to laught when infact it is a trajic piece.
A squirrel committed suicide. The point of Cattelan is to make the spectaor realise that seeing an animal killing himself is ridiculous. Why? Because only human do it.
That act is then owned by humans.

We were then asked to start thinking of an object that we should be able to create anf finish by the end of the day that would question certain aspects of human beheviour.

 During the lecture we were showed a piece by Serrie Levine that was inspiered from Marcel Duchamp's revolutionary ready made : Fountain (1917).

When the teachers were explaining Levine's intentions I noticed that the shape of this urinoir looked like the silouhete of the Vergin Marie with here veil.


I also thought of Boudah but because of the white color and the meaning atached to it I prefered to take the Virgin as the analogical shape.

We needed to talk about behaviour, to interogate that.
I couldn't think of a more human behaviour than Beleif.
It seemed like this one aspect that could be unique to humans.

Religion, Beleif, Meaning invades everything. It's how the human brain foncitions.

The urinoir is white, this color has a very particular meaning it's the color of perfect purety.
I thought that it was interesting because it was a commun color to both antities but at the same time there was a big contrast between:

Virgin   Fountain
 Purety  Reverse of purety
 Imateriality Materiality 
 Utilitary ?  Utilitary

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