‘ I have very strange dreams now from which I wake up in complete horror. They repeat during different periods of my life. I can’t explain them. They have something to do with the disturbance of an order that is not supposed to be disturbed. I come from a military family—maybe that’s why I have these sorts of dreams. I have one where I’m in front of a huge army of five thousand soldiers in perfectly pressed uniforms. I’m inspecting them, and I go up to every soldier and take one button from each uniform and throw it away. I destroy the symmetry, and that is not allowed. Then I wake up in a panic.’ –MARINA ABRAMOVIC


Known for her daring and controversial performance art, Marina Abramovic cannot be conveyed as truly through images alone as many other artists can be.  It was for this reason that I was interested to discover transcripts of diary entries ( pictured below)  kept by Abramovic during her piece ‘The House With The Ocean View’.  To me these were as important as the performance itself, as it showed the emotions of the sole performer (i.e. Abramovic herself) throughout the process, the result being a piece that is as emotionally poignant as artistic.  

© Katie Eilidh MacDonald Paul, all rights reserved