Today I have looked at London  through two pairs of eyes, because my girlfriend has arrived to visit me. It so much better when you have more that one opinion 

We visited Design Museum, the exhibition  of Louis Kahn The Power of Architecture and John Lewis  -How We Live Today.  They are completely different in climate. Exhibition of Louis Kahn trys to illustrate the idea and thoughts of an architect. It shows his notes, sketches, photos, models as well as recordings from different interviews. Only through these ways of expression a viewer can see how the creative process in this profession looks like. The exhibits are placed in a quite big distance from each other, so it is easier to concentrate on separate objects.

The exhibition of John Lewis has completely different arrangement, which results from the different nature of the theme. It presents  the development of daily use objects like washing machine or vacuum cleaner. Exhibits are displayed close together and a viewer can see the process of growth and change of specific objects. The exhibition has a strong visual impact and its own specific charm due to the beauty and climate of old objects!

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