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F i n e  A r t s (part I)


The lecture

Today was the first day of the Fine Arts diagnistic week. 
It started with a lecture intitled Beeing Human and Human Beeing.
The lecture's aim was to rise questions about art, the position of the artiste, the position of the spectator...
But before all thoses questions were raised, I questioned the titled of this lecture: Beeing Human and Human Beeing.
This lecture was going to be orianted in a way that we were going to talk about Art as the production of Human as it is a part of him.
In effect art would appear to be an activity proper to Human beeings.

Then as the producers of this very particular from of expression, of communication, we were asked to step out of our selves and to take a step back in order to try to reach some sort of objectivive vue on our creation.
This task that will be repetitive thought out this week is at the same time chalenging and exiting as we are asked to annalyse the outside world but also to do a self-introspection an to annalyze it too.

To have an exemple of what our observations could be based upon we were told to find out more about anthopologie.
It was interesting to realise that this science and art had some commun questions, for exemple objects:
-> Object -> Contexte 
-> Object -> Meaning
-> Object -> Action/Interaction

Then we were asked to totaly step out of our selves, of our status of human beeings and to try to forget about our usual reflexes of sticking right away meaning to things from what we already know.

From that original and new point of view we were asked to try to retranscribe what we were trying communicate (in a clear and efficient maner) and what we wanted to express.
In order to make this task even more challenging we were asked to bring an object wich purpouse was hard to define if it is isolated from it's comtexte.
I didn't brought one with me so I was given one (this added randomness in the project witch in art is an interesting thing to question as we can see with some artists such as Michel Blazi) avery light object made out of white plastic. It looked like one of those little things that presents in a box some objects in an organise and simple way. My description here is very vage because I still don't kmow what this little object was supose to display.
I gess that this added some mistery to it, a repetitive question: What did this object used to diplay?
Our human mind tries to find a shape, an object that would fit in this little empty spaces but it fails. All we can do is try to fill this little empty shapes with our imagination.

Then the drawing description begins, I tryed to explore different ways to represent this object's feeling, ot's weight, it's texture, how it reacted to light, to noise...
I first draw the object in a very technical way in order to understand and to realy see (because there is no better way to see then to draw) all the lines, the plains, the emptiness, the light and the shadow of the object.
Then I tryed to draw only the shadows with some charcoal,
Then I used a chalk to try to retranscrobe the texture and the feeling of this object (the light quality of this material matched the lighness of the object.
Then I took some transparent tape an covered a little area with it and draw with a marker very fast the contours (I thought that it could retranscribed the perfect smothness of this container).
Using again the tape I made a little model of the object (it's volume was an interseting element to add to this little study).
I then draw the object with a white pe on a white paper to show the feeling of aspaciality, of emptiness that one could feel confonted to this object.
And finaly I used the process of cutting (that I had sutdied last week for the previous projet). Cutting was probably the most pertinent way to represent this object and I was please to hear my teacher encouraging me to go further with this process.
I then took the peices of paper I had jsut cutted out and cutted them again so that I made little models of this negative spaces.

Words also were a way to describe. They were as abstract as the object. 



Then we were asked to exchange our drawings and oject with someone else and try to creat a lable for it (like in the museums) that would provide the object with a meaning. I got an electic plug protecion. The light was very bright on our table because it was close to 12:00 and the sun was right intop of us, when I puted the object on the table I imideatly noticed that it's shadow was an very interesting element.
It's shape was similar to some buldings, I could relate this chape to architecture.
I combined those two elements and came out with:
I noticed that the shadow in a certain angle looked like a Christian cross and it reminded me of The Church of light by Ando Tadao. The artist used light to crate a cross in the chruch and I wanted to use light aswell to make a cross apear.
I used light as a material witch brought me back to the previous week were I had to dig in this very interesting material.
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