Considering EARTH as a ‘material’ invites ideas of almost any natural material; all in some way being a material of the Earth, for example fossils, clay etc.  However the term could perhaps also refer to locations on the planet Earth, each place offering a host of different natural materials.  Considering Earth literally however I came across the French artist Mathilde Roussel-Giraudy who uses soil to create living statues.

“The values of preservation, attachment to roots and relationship with land and time, emphasized in my childhood, continue to inspire my work. By exploring and juxtaposing subtle links between anatomy, psychology, ecology and cosmology, I try to understand the mysteries of our inner and outer selves.”


It would, as with ‘clay’ be interesting to once again refer this material back to mythology, in this case that of ‘Mother Nature’, or Gaia, often said to live inside the Earth and all of its natural forms.  

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