'I try to... percieve the strangeness of things... It is not an easy practice, as it presupposes an internal struggle with myself.'

'...try to escape from predetermined channels.  You can do so only by placing yourself 'horizontally', without any moral values, knowing that every phenomenon may be respected, and that all elements are on the same horizontal plabe, on a path.'

'I believe in the importance of the female principle in all things.  For instance, 'to concieve something' brings us back to the idea of 'conception', and is thus a feminine action...'

(Continued from article) ...'women are artists by nature, they don't need to create art, theur bodies hold the power to create, so they are less detatched from things.'

'I try to practice the principle of contradiction, and try to escape fictions.  I do very diverse things... I create works with words, or with words only; works with images, or with images only'

'I have a book of chaos... When I re-read it certain knots and themes appear... The subject shows itself and I develop it'

'I meet a title and I cannot free myself of it.  The title imposes itself, chooses itself, and influences the preparation of the show... I let words surpise me'


I was struck my how philosophical Castellucci is in this article, as he discusses ideas of detatching himself to let him freely build new constructs.  This is very much linked to the philoopher SARTRE who discusses freedom in this rather bleak and abstract sense, employing the term 'Nausea' to discuss the feeling when this harsh freedom from predetermined chanels, and therefore certainty, is realised by the individual.  I could not help but think of this when reading the interview with the artist.  

(Image below shows scene from one of Castellucci's theatre shows)

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