The Tate Britain installation by Phyllida Barlow, ( photographed above),  reminded me of the previously explored work by Chiharu Shiota due to the web-like structures used to create the piece.  What is different however is while Shiota often HANGS the threads from the central object, Barlow constructs the webs in order to suspend bulky objects from them.  

'Unlike many of her previous sculptures which take form through constant layering, the installation at Tate will be pared back. ‘I’m always slightly uncertain when things are finished,’ she says. ‘I never really know. I like that uncertainty – you can do just one thing and the piece is completely ruined. For these Tate works there is a kind of clarity – they won’t get that far. They won’t get to a stage when they have to be stripped back, because I’m trying to hold them in check.’' - Interview with Barlow concerning her Tate installation


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