Today we have presented our first project proposals about practitioner materials and processes. Despite that some students had similar topics, they interpreted them in their own individual way. Everyone dealt with the same problem, but saw different way to solve it – which was the main point if this project. Inquisitive and wide research allow for various projects. They are the starting material – the more we have it, the more elements can be woven into our project, and thus the project becomes more individual.

After presentations I realized how important is the skill of proper illustrating, presenting of ideas or even vague concepts which are born in our mind. In the future I will try more abstract approach in my interpretations. One can experience something, explore it in concentration, with lot of reflections and from many perspectives – still, afterwards you want to pass it to others. Sometimes the best way to communicate is through abstract ideas.

Somehow I have the feeling that my first project was lacking this aspect. 

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