20th september

I went to Somerset house to view the exhibition "Time; tattoo art today" which exhibited prolific and renowned tattoo artist's work from around the world, asking them to consider time, and these are the notes i took while there;

No audience participation. Quiet, eery, dim lighting and feels really still as if everyone is awaiting something. Not much space, lots of pieces in a relatively confined space. Plastic flapping doors mimicks a tattoo parlour and makes the areas even more sininster. White walls. Simple layout. Mostly painting, acrylic, oil and spray paint. Some work to do with time is quite obvious, a skull symbolising death for example but others were quite personal abstract and just a bit bizarre. Some very creepy and gruesome works, unpleasant to look at as they are gory in an obvious way. ecclectic mix of work, ranging from cartoony to incredibly figurative.

I really liked some of the less obvious work especially the detailed and incritacetly painted ones however there are some that i just thought were either too obvious or too in your face.

http://www.somersethouse.org.uk/visual-arts/time-tattoo-art-today link to official website.

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