ideas factory-project proposal 19.09.14

Inside dark enclosed space there is a man, or rather a model, dressed in white leotard (to enhance the contrast). Another man who takes part in the experiment is watching him through a peephole. In the interval of a few seconds he sees framed fragments of the model’s body and probably subconsciously creates in his head the whole figure. Such is the nature of our thinking. Seeing a fragment of a real object, in our imagination we see its compliment – as it looks in reality. They are to invoke in him the feeling of anxiety or even fear. Framed images move around dark space in various distances from the door. Finally the observer sees different fragments of the human body put together at random, illustrating in this way the process of entropy which is life. 

Finally all fragments of the model body are shown together, but in a random arrangement. They are all, but they do not form a silhouette of a man!


You would like to see him finally complete and that is what you subconsciously expect!

And here you get an unpleasant surprise.

The intention of this experiment was to refer to the basic concepts of  Gordon Matta Clark art.

Cutting, deconstruction, entropy.    


© Krystian Jarnuszkiewicz, all rights reserved