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Today I have learnt what a professional research under time pressure is. We  had 30 minutes for 30 ideas and it was something completely new to me. This experiment showed me haw my sensitivity slows down my thinking process. I discovered that time pressure makes me more creative and ingenious.  Each of these 30 ideas could potentially be developed into our final project..

Now I understand that every project is influenced by a lot  factors, some of them are new to me. These factors make us aware, that we can not hold on to only one concept or idea. Even when finally we decide that it is the best one, we always have to impair its value and constantly keep on asking: It is good enough? We spend a lot of time on studying how to present our project and on what elements we have to focus on. To big extent it depends on ones personality and character.

1)Clarity of communication-This is the base.

2)How to hold attention of people to whom you present! This is clue of good presentation

3) Of course you have to believe in what you say, but is it enough?


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