16th september

We looked at the importance of creativity and what we eavh thought the process of it includes. I think its a process and use of your imagination to create interest or beauty from the mundane. Using the idea of 30 ideas in 30 minutes we jotted down as many concepts as possible and played with the themes linked to Bruce Nauman, body and accelerate. Then we picked three ideas we thought had the potential to take further. I was looking at the idea of identity and was thinking about asking people to write "Me" on a piece of paper in a colour then i would blow them up and play with them on a large scale as a combined piece or work. Another idea was to look at the judgement of women and their body by creating a scientific pin board pointing to the anatomy of a figure but instead of a figure, it be a sexual vulgar woman. However my most interesting pathway i think, is looking at the idea of stillness instead of acceleration. Everyone needs stillness. I aim to brain storm and bring together my ideas about how i can portray the body in a temporarily still nature in the vibrant and chaotic world. I am planning to incorporate the colours that Bruce Nauman uses to make his work striking using the neon lights. Maybe looking at Gary Hume and the use of the silhouette.

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