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 T h e  R e f l e x i o n 

It started with those words : Light, Cutting and Devlin and 6 people.
And it had to end with a project.

I find it comparable to a mathematical calculation, there is an equation to witch we have
to find a solution. I guess that the "a" were the difference between maths and art
resides, in maths there’s only "the" solution, while in the field of art there are an
infinity () of solutions in witch 1 (or in this case 6) have to find  his or her answer.
This equation implied an other calculation before we started, we had to transform the
number into a 1

6 of us started with a brainstorming. Little by little the 3 key word started 
to multiply (x) and to cover the pages with a wide variety of words. 
And trough this process of decomposition all the individual multiple ideas became 1 single
That’s when we solved this first calculation, that’s when the individuals transformed in 
1 group.
But then an addition (+) came up, add each word to each and make the solution an original
and meaningful project.

© Camille Clara Yunn Liu, all rights reserved