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 T h e  l i b r a r y (Part II)

Today I was able to use the gigantic resources of the UAL libraries. The exiercice's aim was to sharpen our reaserch skills.I decided to devide my research in three parts:Texte, Images and Ideas.

Before I punged into this gigantic wealth of information I tried to think about what Ialready knewabout thoses subjects; what knowleges I already had that I could link to those three elements.

Freud and it's reflection about psycology was the first thing I thought about.
His consept of putting in light what was in the shadow in our consious seemed to me like anintersesting and relevent idea that I needed to go deeper into.
Using the very practical search motor of the school's library I found a phylosophical book entiteled Atomic Lights by Akira Mizua. This japanese author evoqued Freud's consept of "the archelologie of secrets" but this texte lead me onto a different path.

This book was a reflexion based upon the paadox that light wasn't only a material thatunabled visibility, for Mizuta, light was also (and mainly) what it inevitably  implided : shadows. 

That observation set in motion a real evolution in my reaserch:
I realised that shadows could be considered as the "cutting of the light".


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