Today our group had slot in the library. We wanted to find every kind of information which could be helpful  for our project. I felt we did this, although it was very hard to make the final selection and choose only these essential. After the slot we spent a lot of time working on our project. We tried to make it more clear. Our project was tangled with ideas of every member of our group and  Matt Clark’s philosophy. Everyone sees, hears and interprets differently and one can not stick to his or her idea when somebody else has a better one. We did not want to copy or transform Matt’s philosophy but wanted only to be inspired by it. We made a clear brief, point by point and closed it as one whole. I made some sketches which help me to understand our ideas ( not as single elements but as a process). For me, it is important element. Then the whole group went to the exhibition Transformed Vision and to see how other artists coped with similar problems as we had today.

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