Brief of the project proposal -1 - LIBRARY Research


Natural State


Two rooms are divided by Venetian mirror. Both of them are dark.  There is a person in the first one.


Action 1


  • In the first room colorful lights are turned on. 
  • Lights are soft and gentle. (a person should feel peaceful and secure.
  • A person sees the darkness of the other room but it does not bother him because he is in the better place. 


Action 2 

  • In the first room lights are turned off.  
  • the person is suddenly surrounded by darkness.
  • In the second room lights are turned on (the same character of light). The person sees it through Venetian mirror 
  • He feels frightened 


How our project relates  to Matt Clark’s art


We tried to transfer Matt Clark’s philosophy into a performance.

Two rooms are the metaphor of society. A person who belongs to it feels secure, comfortable and does not suspect that is observed or controlled. However there are lot of factors which have influence on him (represented by different colors of lights).

The Venetian mirror is the metaphor of a hole in destroyed buildings which was often used by Matt Clark in his photography. A person separated from society has completely different point of view. We try to create a feeling of anxiety in minds of people who are in the first room.


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