Searching for light in the gloomiest place on  the Earth.

Today was the first day when I was observing London as an art object.

I decided to concentrated on its light. For hours I wandered through this
still strange to me city and finally I went into Tate Modern to see and
analyze the influence of light on sculptures.

I think that in 3-D objects light is the most important element. It builds
primal shape, perspective, and adds   shadow - the forth dimension, which
many times creates the final unique result.   But I also saw an exhibit
which was completely different- where everything was almost in total
darkness (lack of light) illuminated only by single strong source of light
or its reflex.  I came to the conclusion that I should try to find the same
elements in urban architecture as it was the most important element in Matt
Clark's compositions and photos). I went for a long walk. I observed how
light operates on different structures and tried to analyze consequences of
this process.  I watched details exposed by light and rough textures
changing into smooth surfaces. I  think that light might be one of the most
important aspect of my future projects. 

© Krystian Jarnuszkiewicz, all rights reserved